What can Building Futures do for me? 

Building Futures works with adults and young people across Buckinghamshire to provide FREE one-to-one guidance and support to help you choose the right path to training, work experience or a job that works for you.  We can also help with other life-skills and health and wellbeing solutions that will ensure you take control of your life and move forward in a positive way.


Increase your confidence

Set achievable goals and take control of your confidence and self-esteem. Learn new skills and meet new people.


Boost your skills

Improve communication and problem solving skills, learn new skills and gain access to studying for qualifications in English and maths.


Build your experience

Through our network of partners, we will introduce you to volunteering opportunities and work placements to ensure you expand your experience and prepare you for work.


Improve your health & wellbeing

Exercise and diet can help improve our mental wellbeing and is great for combatting anxiety, stress and depression.


One-to-one personalised support

You will be allocated an experienced keyworker who will work closely with you on a support plan, unique to you.


Understand your barriers

Everyone’s circumstances are different; we will help you assess your situation and together understand what is preventing you from moving on.